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Gillette Castle Hiking Trails
Hiking Map

The trails around Gillette Castle were once the rail beds of the Seven Sisters Line. Walk the trails denoted below as "Railroad Trail" and you'll experience the same scenery and sights that notables like Albert Einstein, Yukio Ozaki, and President Calvin Coolidge did when they visited Gillette and took a ride upon his train (now viewable in the Visitor's Center). During your exploration, take a walk through the spooky train tunnel as well as making a loop around the pond.

On days when the tide is low and the river calm, the Aunt Polly can still be seen at the base of the southern hiking trail nearby the Chester-Hadlyme Ferry. She still rests in the same location as when she burned in 1932, about a decade after Gillette moved into his home.

A walk along the river will also take you past various natural artwork pieces.


Aunt Polly Gillette Castle

Aunt Polly - Courtesy of the Hartford Courant

East Hadda Swing Bridge
More Hiking in East Haddam

The Town of East Haddam is known for its
extensive preservation and open space programs.

Whether it's hiking, kayaking, bird watching, or equine trail riding
the area has a tremendous amount of open space that
is available to the general public.


Devil's Hopyard Chapman Falls
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